Introducing Daniel

Let me introduce you to my other full-time job. Daniel is two years old, can say his ABCs and count up to 20 (providing if you don’t mind the omission of numbers 17 and 19). He has a B.A. in Whinery, can run nonstop for a full two hours, and considers himself quite the ladies’ man, with two self-proclaimed girlfriends in Michigan and Wisconsin, respectively (there are also rumors of a third girlfriend in California, somewhere, but Daniel refuses to discuss it).Daniel

The reason I am bringing up my son’s smiling mug is not just to please my inlaws, but also to give a quick review on the book I’ve chosen to follow for the much-dreaded potty training. After going through numerous books from the library and listening to countless stories from other, more experienced mothers (“I waited until he was four to even start trying.””You have to let them run around naked and follow after them with a cup!””Don’t ever use the potty–they’ll never learn to use the big toilet then.””You have to teach your boy how to stand first to use the potty!””You have to teach your boy to sit first to use the potty!”) I settled on Toilet Training: A Practical Guide to Daytime and Nighttime Training by Vicki Lansky. It’s a pretty old book, but like I said, it’s the only one from the library that I actually like.

Besides the usual stuff on how to tell when your kids are ready to go. I like this book because it offers how to prepare kids before the actual training. Stuff like changing them in the bathroom, teaching them what the potty is, showing them how to dump their…leavings from their diaper and flushing them away. It also stood out to me because it gave advice on going from disposible to cloth training pants to teach kids about wetness, and it gives URLS on where to buy then on the Net. It presented different training methods fairly (the last book I read before this kept saying that people were idiots if they trained their children directly on the toilet and not on a small, expensive potty of their own) and it included blurbs from many, many mothers.

With this book, plus several resources on the Net, I feel somewhat ready to tackle the chair, so to speak. We’re gradually introducing the potty into our schedule, and so far, Daniel’s taken it in stride. He likes to sing, read books, and play with his…hands. Yeah, that’s it. Hands. But as far as the actual deed goes–well, today, he came up to me and said, “Poopy!” We made an immediately rush to the potty and did nothing for 10 minutes. Put a clean diaper on him, he smiled, went to play with his trains, and promptly turned that clean diaper into a smelly act of nature.

Well…at least he can verbally recognize it now…