How a Writer deals with Blog Blah Blues…

This is growing into an addiction.

Blogging is taking over my writing life, bit by bit. When I check my email, I instantly pop over to the website to see if anyone’s commented (sure, I get updates via email, but why sit and wait for email to come in when I can just click the link on my shortcut toolbar anytime and pop right into the Cafe? Those trees are therapeutic!). I agonize over blog stats. (Why is it that I had 10 readers for my blog last week, but only 2 yesterday? Whyyy!) I know terms now that I’ve could’ve cared less about a month ago. Tags were what was on the back of shirts. Blog rolls? Isn’t that a misshapen doughnut? Trackback? Is that following someone backwards?

Meanwhile, as I plot out what I’ll write here for the next few weeks, my other writing suffers tremendously. Now granted, this week was quite busy because we did a garage sale, and that normally turns my hubby and I into rabid Dobermans anyway, but still. This week’s chapter of Willow was crap. Utter crap. I’m tempted to just delete it and start over from scratch, longhand.

This is what I’d feared would happen when I started blogging–that everything I hold dear as a writer would get eaten up by the Hungry Blogging Monster!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that bit of hysteria out of my system, I can now look at things more reasonably:

New tools are always fun to play with.

When I got the writing program “Writer’s Cafe”, I spent a good couple of weeks just playing around with it. My writing suffered quite a bit, but I still had a lot of fun with it. It was my way to learn how the program work. Eventually, I settled down and started using the program more efficiently, though every once in a while, I still play around with it.

Blogging’s the same thing. It’s just a tool that writers can utilize, but they have to learn how it works. In order for me to turn this blog into a superpowered promotional machine, I have to play with the nuts and bolts. And if that means getting the Write-o-Meter juuuust right, then so be it!

Like regular writing, blogging needs to be scheduled.

Being a stay at home Mom, you would think I’d have time galore to write. Reality really bit down hard on that. There are two times when I do my writing–when Daniel’s taking a nap, and after he goes to bed. If I’m going to blog regularly, I need to find time just to devote to it. I got such little time as it is, and I can’t take time away from my regular writing to blog. This may be one of those things that I may actually have to drag myself out of bed for. Well…I’ve been meaning to get up early anyway…

Building a good blog takes time. Be patient.

Come on. I just started this blog a week ago. There’s no way I’ll have billions of people logging on just to read my ramblings. According to the August 2006 issue of Computer Shopper, a new blog is created every 5.8 seconds. This blog is just a blip, a gasp of breath. You blink, and my blog’s already old news.

(And before you wonder how I knew about this article, my hubbie’s not the only one to flip through magazines while using the facilities…)

So how do I increase my readership? I read articles like the one above. I tell people–friends, relatives, the mailman, about my blog. I print out business cards (which, as a writer, I should have. It is a self-employed business, after all). I comment on other blogs. And finally, I write. I write. I write. To keep all you readers coming back, I need to write.

So to all of you reading this now, thank you for stopping by. When I’m famous, you can boast that you were here at the beginning. And remember, the Cafe is always open for business. I’ll make sure to have something simmering on the stove every day.

P.S. BTW, for all you writers, check out “Writer’s Cafe”. It’s an awesome program that doesn’t tell you how to write, but it helps you create.