My work for this week…

Okay. I managed to drag myself out of bed (which wasn’t easy because it’s raining outside, and all I wanted to do was to stay under the blankets, warm and toasty–but the blog…the blog…she calls me…), got some hot tea, and reviewing what my writing jobs will be for this week. Let me share with you:

1. I sent a query in to a parenting magazine in regards to an article I want to write about a parents playgroup, so I’m waiting to hear from that. Hopefully they’ll respond this week.

2. Wrote an essay last week for Chicken Soup’s Tea Lovers and I’m planning to clean that up. Also in the midst of writing an essay for the Spirit of a Woman anthology.

3. This week, I’m going to work on two, maybe three short stories (two have been written and I’ve yet to write the third).  

4. I wasn’t happy at all with the last chapter of Willow I’ve written last week (I’m up to 23 so far) so I’m thinking about rewriting it from scratch. Or I might just move on to chapter 24 and come back to 23 when I’m doing the rewrite. That seems best.

5. I’m toying with an idea of writing another children’s book about patience– that’s basically stemming from the potty training blues. But it’s just an idea right nowl.

6. This weekend, I’m attending the Midwest Literary Festival in Aurora, IL. This is the 2nd festival they’ve put out, which is somewhat like the Chicago Book Festival, except they have tons of workshops for writers. And it’s all free. I’ll post more about that tomorrow.

So, praise God, writing has been quite productive! Now…if you excuse me…I’m going to celebrate by going back to bed. 🙂