And just like that, he was Un-potty Trained….

I knew it was too good to be true…

After a week of “Pee pee? Potty?” Daniel has decided, “Wait a second…these pull-ups Mommy’s having me wear? They’re really just diapers! Why should I stop what I’m doing and run to the potty when I can just go right here? Forget the potty. I’m going right here.”

On the one hand, I expected this. The rational side of me stands with the experts and say, “that kids will do a lot of back-sliding and not worry about it. Just keep casually reminding them to go and don’t lose your cool over it. Don’t worry.”

But the emotional side of me kick the experts into orbit and scream “Dang it! I took him to the store today, and he said he had to go, so I ran him to the washroom, got him ready to do his business, and not a drop came out. Didn’t go at all. 20 minutes later, when we got home, I checked, and his pull-up is wet! And it’s been that way all yesterday, too! Is he freaking testing me?! WHY WON’T HE USE THE POTTY!?!?!” It then goes on to smash several rooms in a huff, while the rational side of me sighs and follows behind with the vacuum.

Yes. I realize I’m rapidly becoming one of those mothers who blogs are filled with, “My kid’s a moron! What’s wrong with meeeeeee?!?!?!” But honestly, if we women didn’t have an outlet for these feelings…well…hmm….

Hey, the mailman just pulled up with the new FullMetal Alchemist movie we bought off of Amazon. I think I’ll go soothe my brain with some anime…

3 Responses

  1. I gotta go back and make copies of the progression–if nothing else, it’ll be great blackmail material in case our sweet Danny becomes a smart— 18 year old! You can really write!

  2. I am the mother to three boys and found your blog through Pen on Fire – Your sweet Daniel will get the hang of it. Having potty trained 3 of those mysterious boy creatures I can tell you it’s kind of like what Barbra said (on pen on fire) about really letting go of wanting your novel to be published and then *surprise* it’s on its way. Sometimes they just really know you want it – and they of course – want to do the opposite of that. Let him be, he won’t want to go potty in his diapers in the 5th grade. He’ll get it. If you let him be he will surely walk up to you one day and say “Pee pee in the potty, Momma?” Hey – isn’t that how it worked with your husband? 🙂 Good luck to you.

  3. Handing out M&M’s for correct toilet usage has worked very well over the past few days. Well, at least on the husband…

    Mmmm… M&M’s. Excuse me, I need to go…

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