A new look, email updates, and other goodies…

As you can see, I’ve been doing a little housecleaning and blog maintenance…

First of all, I changed the theme because I wanted something a little wider. Not to mention you can change themes with WordPress and I am a bit of a geek when it comes to new templates. I’m still toying with the look, but what do you think? Is it nice? Does it grate on your eyes? Want me to try something else? This blog isn’t just for me. I want you to come, settle down, and have a wonderful time at the cafe. So anything that you can’t stand…like that gigantic raisin watching tv in the corner…let me know and I’ll throw him out. Or maybe you do like raisins watching tv and wish you can see him more clearly. I don’t know.

Second, if you go to the now-hugemongous “LaShawn’s Works” tab, you’ll see a picture of yours truly. That was the main reason why I changed the theme in the first place. I needed to get the color just right so it matches with the picture. Actually, I wanted to add the picture to the old theme, but my hubby said that the colors wouldn’t match, and he’s a bigger geek when it comes to these sort of things…

Third, yes…that is a NaNoWriMo banner below. I’m all signed up (If you don’t tell them I’m actually writing a works-in-progress, I won’t either. It will be our secret). When it starts, I’ll tweak the banner a bit so you can go to my profile there.

And last, you can now get email updates of this blog instead of always huffing over to the Cafe via the web. Scroll to the bottom of the right hand column and you’ll see an orange button for Feedblitz. Click on that, and it will take you to a page where you put in your email address, and voila! It’s like getting an email copy of your favorite restaurant’s daily specials, and here at the Cafe in the Woods, we always aim to please.

One Response

  1. Great idea for the email updates! Gosh who thought of that one =) Hey, I just read your latest publication. An easy way to figure out a tip when eating out is to double the tax and add a dollar. I really enjoy reading your works Shawni! Great job. Take care.

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