My writing…space?

It’s not what you call a room of your own.


In fact, I don’t really have a special room to call my own. My office is wherever I can set my laptop: Kitchen. Dining room. Staircase. Where I plop my fanny down, that’s where I do my writing.

The family room is my favorite spot. Yeah, it faces the TV, but it also faces our backyard, where I can gaze out to the creek quietly bubbling by. Okay. Really, it’s more of a retention pond, one that’s nearly overflowing with goose poop. But I’m a writer. I can bend reality that way anytime I want.

I got to thinking when I read Barbara DeMarco-Barrett posted on her Pen on Fire blog about writing spaces. That got me to wondering, so I set out to take pictures of what I saw when I sit down to write.

Only problem is, there’s evidence of Daniel everywhere. He’s in the toys strewn all over the family room. He’s in the kitchen where I still need to wipe off the table from our lunch of toast and jelly. And if Daniel’s not everywhere, then my hubby is. Granted, though, things have gotten better with him. Now when I look into my living room, I don’t see 40 computers lying everywhere. Graciously, he has crammed all that into his home office. And unless I find a way to get a tiny nook in there amid all the electronics, I’m not writing in there.

So there’s not much I can really call ‘my space’. Depressed, I slumped back to the dining room table, when, oh yes…my tea’s ready. It’s a new blend I just got at Teavana in Woodfield Mall. Macademia lswritingspace.jpgRooibos. Mmmmmm….I fix it up, grab my knitting, which I do when I’m trying to figure out what to write next, and my writing journal when I get the urge to write longhand. Juggling all this usually can be disastrous, but what I like to do is carry the stuff around in a basket when I write…

Wait a second. Hold the phone, a thought has just come through! Standby…

This ‘writing space’ thing. Really, what is a writing space? It’s what makes a writer get into the mode of writing, the ‘okay-now-it’s-time-to-get-into-working-mode-here’ mentality. We stay-at-home writers, we don’t have the daily commute to the office to get us geared up. For some, it involves going into a home office and closing the door. But for those others, like me, we improvise. We put on hats and stick a sign in front of us saying “Go away. Writing.” We go through routines that tell our bodies, “No more playing. It’s time to write.” And for me, when I have my tea and my personal basket of writing tools, I have an automatic writing space I can take wherever I go, no matter what room I’m in–kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or even at the library or Panera.

So…I present to you, my writing space. I do have to say though, I still don’t mind having a room of my own one day. I’ve been wanting to hang my Sailor Moon poster up for a long, long time…