Beware the Daniel-Ninja!

Who’s that sneaking about, all dressed in black, with nothing showing but his beautiful sloe-eyes? It’s the Daniel-Ninja. Do not be put off by his size. He will whip you up and down until next Thursday.

Daniel-Ninja cares not that it’s towards the end of ‘Dress as a Ninja Day’. Time does not exisdaniel-ninjat for Daniel-Ninja. He follows no rules, no boundaries. If it’s ten o’clock at night, is he asleep like good little boys his age? No! Daniel-Ninja cares not for sleep! He will continue jumping in his crib until you cry for mercy. He is Daniel-Ninja. He will rule you!

Look out for Daniel-Ninja! He is crafty with his mad-ninja skills. He can run very fast, faster if it’s time to take a bath. He’ll slip right through your hands. He can disappear into the background. Calling his name won’t bring him out. You’ll need to flush him out with a well-placed Thomas the Train Engine. But Daniel-Ninja does not fall for such tricks. He will run circles around you, around and around and around and around, until you grow dizzy and faint. Then, he will jump on you, again and again and again, until you plead for mercy. But there is no mercy from the Daniel-Ninja. He simply laughs at your calls for help. Sometimes, he’ll even mimic your pathetic cry. “Help! Somebody help me!” he’ll shout, gleefully.

Daniel-Ninja has many weapons in his arsenal. A scream that will shatter your eardrums. Tiny feet that are sharp when kicking. A very hard head, useful for headbutting. And, when he is truly in need of escape, his very favorite weapon–lethal gas, coming from his pellets of doom that will have one gasping on the floor, praying for death.

The Daniel-Ninja. Fear Him!

2 Responses

  1. He is so cute!

    Hey, you like Mr. A? I’m a big Sean Bean fan–hubby doesn’t know I joined a fan club–I’m a dork!


  2. Huge fan of Mr. A, but I’ve always been too chicken to join a fan club. I should look into that…but don’t wanna get hubby jealous!

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