Christmas Product Placement #3: Futurama

All right, we got some music for Aunt Billie-Joe Bob, more than she care to listen to, but that’s beside the point. Now it’s time to numb her visual cortex as well as her audible senses, so you wander over to the nearest Big Box store and into their DVD section.

I have to confess. I really haven’t been into TV all that much, what with taking writing seriously and having a little boy who only want to watch Thomas and all. So as far as network programming, I really can’t assist you this time. I think the only things I watch live nowadays is Mythbusters and Star Trek, and that’s stuff my hubby watches. I tried to get into Lost and Grey’s Anatomy, but by now, they’re deep into their, what, third? fourth seasons? I’ll have to get the DVDs from Blockbuster just to catch up, and really, when will I have time to do that?

But I can advise a little something, if you’re willing to get it. Head over into the cartoon section, and pick up the series Futurama.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. futuramaWhy on earth will I want to get Aunt Billie-Joe Bob a cartoon? Here’s why, bucko. Cartoons aren’t just for kids any more. Hasn’t been that way since Simpsons blazed onto the TV screen in 1989. Futurama is by the same creator of that series.

Yeah, but this plays on Adult Swim Cartoon Network every night. I mean every night. Why bother to get the DVDs when I can turn on the TV at 9:30pm Central Time? Why not get them? Why are boxed sets so popular? I don’t know. Not only you can see the episodes sans those annoying commercials (and if you watch Adult Swim, you know what I mean), but you also get a bunch of nifty extras, like deleted scenes, commentary, and translations of the squiggly alien language that pops up from time to time in the show.

But it’s more than that. Futurama is a great series that’s fun to watch and put your brain on ice, but there are times when it can be thoughtful too. My favorite episodes are the ones that show the deeper side of the characters. Fry, when he’s not being a moron, do have an occasional regret of losing his family, and as he falls in love with Leela, he does his best to ensure her happiness, even though he knows his is only a unrequited love. Bender, boozing, vain, potty-mouth, occasionally shows that there’s a softer side to him (though he’ll probably rob you while you’re going ‘Awwwww….’)

The series ran for five seasons before calling it quits. However, 13 new episodes are now being produced to run on Comedy Central in 2008. Personally, I’m satisfied where the show ended, not on a final note, but on a nice hopeful note that had possibilities. It will be interesting to see what these new episodes will be like. Until then, get the DVDs. Or continue watching them on Adult Swim. Either way, you’ll have lots of fun.