Memo to myself: Don’t kill the boy…

Silicon Valley Moms Blog: Top Ten Things to Do While Your Kids Have Tantrums

I post this link for other moms who are probably repeating the very mantra in the title. I found it to be a hoot, and have now promised myself to do the very things mentioned here. Granted, I really could’ve used this advice a couple of days ago, but, at least I now know what to do next time.

Oddly enough, Daniel has been acting very, very good today. I wonder if that’s because he’s never seen cords pop out on his mother’s forehead like that before. Or was it when Mommy went from sounding like herself to James Earl Jones in a split second?

Hmmm. When you’re with a kid flinging himself on the floor and you start to channel Darth Vader, maybe it’s time for a break.


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