A cold, cold loss indeed…

There’s something different about Chicago this week. A lot of gray skies, a lot of hunkered heads. The air seems just a little more colder. The atmosphere around a lot of people seem more frostier…

Ah. I can’t do it. I’m trying to dredge up some misery for the Bears losing the Superbowl, but I can’t do it. It’s just too cold.

Maybe this is more than just coincidence. People talk about when something great happens, the skies are sunny and the air is warm, and it seems that the weather is in agreement. This week, though, that hasn’t happened. The temperature was already in the single digits when the Bears took the field in sunny South Beach. Wait strike that…wasn’t sunny. It was pouring sheets, buckets, cows… I had missed the first and only stunning touchdown the Bears made because my glasses had fogged up from coming in from the cold. I had to squint close to the TV to try to see the replay, making the people in the room shout, “Hey! Move out of the way!”

Normally, I don’t care about the Superbowl. Used to be I just watch it for the commercials, but nowadays even the commercials suck. But this year was a lot of fun. Even my non-sports hubby, who could care less about a bunch of men ripping each other to shreds, sat through several games whereas I became a rapid, foaming at the mouth fan. (Eh, I figured, if I’m going to watch the game, might as well go all the way and have fun yelling at it too).

But Sunday’s Superbowl was painful. Gotta hand it to Indiana, they whipped our butts good. I kept thinking that this was the same as most Bears games had gone; they do great first quarter, they falter in the second and third, and in the fourth, they stage a stunning comeback. They’ve been doing that mostly all season. Well, where it really counts, it didn’t happen. The Bears were never able to recover.

And even now, I’m wondering why the heck I’m writing this. Never thought I write a blog about football. I’ve never been much of a huge sports fan. I never even cared too much about the Bears games until madness. Heck, I don’t feel too bad about our loss–I’ve always considered Indiana as a younger sister state, one big, bad, Illinois loved to tease and yank the pigtails on and give the occasional noogie. I guess on Sunday, that younger sister retaliated with an uppercut that left the older sister flat on her back, going, “What happened? What I do?”

Maybe I do feel the Bears loss a lot more deeply than I thought. Maybe it’s a letdown because there’s been so much hype over it, now we don’t have anything to show for it. Maybe it’s because it’s the first time we’ve ever experienced such a loss at a Superbowl.

Or maybe it’s the cold.

Eh, we’ll get over it. No one wants to attend a celebratory parade in temperatures that matches my son’s age. Spring training is in just a few weeks. There’s always the White Sox to consider getting another World Series. And after all, like my hubby said, it’s just a game. Life moves on.

Hey, it could’ve always been worse. We could’ve lost to the Green Bay Packers. Now that would’ve really sucked.


2 Responses

  1. Losing the Packers? Shoot, I say the same as you. That would be very bad.

    It was terrible wasn’t it?

    Hope you’re doing well, dear writing friend. Have a great weekend.

  2. I remember my oldest arching his back and having a little tantrum because they had just come out with Barney toothpaste. I wouldn’t buy it because it was $3 / bottle.

    “Who is this child?” I remember thinking.

    I’m so proud of your word count. You’re doing great!

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