Daniel’s word of the day going bi-monthly

I’ve come to a realization: I’m running out of things to put in the “Daniel’s Word of the Week” box.

When I first created the box, it was fun. Daniel was babbling out so many things that made sense only to him, it was easy to phonetically record his words, with hilarious results. I figured he had so many, I can have enough material to do it until he at least turn three.

To my surprise, that well is drying up faster than I thought.

My son, who previously only dipped his toe into the wordpool, has decided to cannonball in. Over the past few weeks, his word usage has increases exponentially, to the effect it almost leaves my head spinning. It started when he suddenly realized he existed in that important pronoun: “I”.

“I want Cheerios,” he’ll say pointing to the refrigerator. I’ll frown at him.

“What do you say?”

A wide grin will cross his face. “Pleeeeeeease!”

He’ll come in later, wiping his tears away, “Mommy, I feel sad.”

“You’re sad? Why?”

“It’s James,” he’ll point to his train, which has disconnected its cars and he has tried to put together again with little success.

Stuff he used to garble he’ll say as clear as day now. No longer does he say “Sore ezz.” He’ll gladly call out “Dinosaur!” He’ll even name certain types. “Brontosaur!” “Trachydon!” I didn’t even knew there was a dinosaur called a trachydon.

What gets me is that he’s beginning to understand concepts we, as adults, take fully for granted. When playing with his trains, he’ll say, “Faster!” and the train will race along the floor. “Slower!” The engine creeps. “Stop!” He’ll say; the train grumbles to a halt. “Go!” The train chugs along.

Right before my eyes, my son is emerging from his baby chrysalis. Oh, the tantrums and the diapers still remind me that, yes, he still has a long way to go. But one day, I’m going to turn around, and a snot-nosed child will be standing where a snot-nose toddler used to be, saying, “Mom! We gotta go to Ryan’s house! He’s got a new train set I just gotta see!”

Actually, he does say that now, though it’s more like “Ryan’s house? Train! Let’s go, Mommy, let’s go!”

I’m not going to do away with the Word of the Day, but I think I’ll slow down and go bi-monthly, updating it on the 1st and the 15th. Daniel still has a few gems up his sleeve. I need to record his babyish words as long as he still is a baby. It reminds me of the fun side of being a toddler.

Besides, if I don’t, his grandma will kill me.


3 Responses

  1. Those are precious days. It’s a good thing you’re writing all this down-I didn’t. I had a baby when Sam was 2.


  2. Yeah, but the bad thing is that when I replace one, if I forget to add it to a running list I keep on my computer, then it’s gone for good. It doesn’t get archived, unlike the blog entries.

    Daniel’s grandma is probably kicking me mentally…

  3. Thanks for taking me seriously! The great unfolding mind will continue throughout your lives together. Just wait until he gets to the bathroom humor stage! (5th grade thru freshman in high school) As their minds unfold, at first you’re amazed at what they grasp, then they begin to bring home new concepts and gems that are new to YOU. You are not his only teacher–you begin to learn things together. If you’re open to being taught by your own children, you learn wonderful things, about the world and about your child. Then just when they are really interesting people, they go away–to college, to their own apartment, to start their own families. You are so lucky to be embarking on this adventure! Mom

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