Where’s my Disney black princess? Oh…here she is!


(Mickey Mouse straightens his bowtie, spruces up the bouquet of flowers, takes a deep breath, then knocks on the door.)

Mickey Mouse: LaShawn? It’s me. Open up.

(LaShawn peers out the window.)

LaShawn (from behind the window): Go away!

Mickey Mouse: But I have something very important to tell you!

LS: Beat it! Scram!

MM: Really! I do! Please, open the door.

(After a minute, there’s a sound of locks sliding back and the door opens. Mickey takes a step forward but halts when he sees LaShawn standing at the door holding a bazooka.)

LS: You got five seconds.

MM: Whoa! Hold up! You don’t have to get violent–

LS: Four…

MM: Let me explain–

LS: ThreeTwoOne…


LS: What?

MM: BLACK PRINCESS! We’re doing a black princess! Please don’t hurt me–

LS (lowering the bazooka slightly): What’s this? Some new trick to get me to watch more of the Disney Channel? I’ve already relented to let Daniel watch HiggleyTown Heroes. This better not be no scheme.

MM: No! Honest and for true! We really are doing a movie with a black princess. I can tell you all about it but please…please lower that thing…

(LaShawn thinks a moment then sets down the gun.)

LS: Okay, but if this is a trick, you gonna be talking much higher than you do now. Talk.

MM (nervously mopping his forehead with the bouquet of flowers): I know that we’ve let you down a number of times. We didn’t mean to. We were just on a roll. I can understand your hatred for us.

LS: ‘Hate’ is such a strong word. Tone it down to despise.

MM: You didn’t use to despise us. You actually enjoyed us for a while there, didn’t you?

LS: Well, yeah, I did like Little Mermaid when it came out. And I enjoyed Aladdin too. It’s when you started doing the Princess thing that I began to wonder why there wasn’t any black princesses…

MM: Too true, too true…

LS: And then you had to get my hopes up with Lion King, setting it in Africa and all. I really thought a black princess would come out of that. But instead, you gave us animals. Nothing but stinking, farting animals…and a score by Elton John…grrrrr…how DARE YOU!

MM: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I know. But this time, we really mean it! We are going to do a black princess. We’re calling it “The Frog Princess”.

LS (voice going back to normal): “The Frog Princess”?

MM: We’re billing it as an “American fairy tale”.

LS: That so? MM: We’re gonna release it in 2009. I even have a picture, if you wanna see it.

LS (shrugging): Allright. Let me see it.

(Mickey Mouse pulls out a photo and carefully hands it to LaShablack Disney princesswn. She peruses it for a bit.)

LS: Hey. She’s pretty. She’s even sporting an Afro of sorts.

MM: Like it?

LS (suspiciously) What’s her name?

MM: Maddy.

LS: Huh…my grandma’s name was Mattie. Not bad…not bad. Where’s it set?

MM: It’s gonna be in New Orleans.

LS (raising her eyebrows): Is that so? Well that’s timely. I like that. It will bring some good publicity to the place. What’s it gonna be about?

MM: I can’t really tell you just yet, but I know you’ll like it. It’s directed by the same people who wrote Aladdin and Little Mermaid. Didn’t you say you liked those movies?

LS: Yeah, I did, didn’t I? Huh. I guess I can’t despise you all that much anymore.

MM: Oh, you’ll like it. Really, you will. Trust me.

LS: You realize that everyone will be buzzing about it. The pressure is gonna be on you for it to be good.

MM: LaShawn, name one movie that Disney done that flopped.

LS: Atlantis (scammed off of Nadia BlueWater), Treasure Planet, Emperor’s New Groove–

MM: That’s more than one. And I thought you liked New Groove…

LS: Box office didn’t. Hercules, Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Chicken Little, that one with all the birds…

MM: It was a British crossover! And Chicken Little did well at the box office.

LS: Yeah, well it still sucked. And let’s not forget the brouhaha over “Song of the South…”

MM: You’re never going to let me live that down, huh?

LS: I’m just saying that compared to all that, “The Frog Princess” is gonna get a lot of pressure. But, from the looks of this, it looks like you’re actually coming back to traditional animation, so I guess that gets a plus in my book.

MM: So we can be friends now? You’ll stop despising me?

LS: We’ll see. (Smiling) I guess if you’re gonna be serious in putting out a black princess, then maybe, just maybe, I’ll forgive you.

MM: Oh, good. (Holding out the flowers, now wilted in his grip) Then let’s declare a truce for now.

LS (taking the flowers): All right. (Pausing, looking down at the picture) By the way, who’s this playing the piano under Maddy’s picture?

MM (sweatdropping): Haha…yes…funny thing that…you see…

LS (holding the picture very close): Wait a minute…I recognize that guy…

MM (suddenly making a break for it): That’s the guy who’s doing the score gotta get going now BYE BYE–

LS (shrieking): RANDY NEWMAN?!?!?!

(There’s a sudden boom and the silhouette of a mouse is soon tumbling head over heels across the blue sky…)