The Steven Banks Show on YouTube

This morning while I was cleaning, the song “So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star”, the version by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, came on the radio, and I thought to myself, You know what I haven’t seen in a while? The Steven Banks Show.

Now why would I think that? Well, those who saw his show back in the early 90s knows what I’m talking about. Steven Banks was a comedian who had a one-man-act play called “Home Entertainment Center”. It later got broadcast on Showtime called under the name The Steven Banks Show. In it, Banks play himself as a writer trying to write a speech, but getting horribly distracted, from his girlfriend calling to a sudden desire to dress and sing like Bob Dylan.

My sisters and I watched that show frontwards and backwards. It was freaking hilarious–mostly sight gags and musical bits (the best song he does on it: “Rock and Roll never dies, but Rock and Rollers do”). It was only an hour long, but we loved that show to bits.

Now, years later, I had a sudden urge to watch it again. Too bad that it’s not released on DVD, but…someone loaded the entire show on YouTube. So tonight, I got to watch it again. And I have to say, now that I’m a writer, I really, really, appreciate it a lot more than I did then. And I thought I had a tendency to procrastinate. Daniel was watching it with me, which he can do because this wasn’t some vulgar, profanity-laden slop that Comedy Central serves up nowadays. He loved the drum solo towards the end. Gotta hand it to Banks, he’s a funny guy, but he can also rock.

Steven Banks has moved on since then, entertaining a new generation by writing for Jimmy Neutron and sponge bob Squarepants. I even understand he got a YA book out last year: King of the Creeps. But check out his show, anyway. Especially all you writers out there; I guarantee you’ll get a kick out of it. And if you get a great sale of your story and you suddenly start hearing “So You Want to be a Rock and Roll Star” playing out of nowhere, just roll with it, baby. Pick up those drumsticks and roll with it.

You can go to the Steven Banks show on YouTube here. There are seven parts roughly 9 1/2 minutes each.

Edit: I have since learned that the account has been deactivated, but someone has put the entire show on Youtube. I updated the above link accordingly, but I don’t know how long it will last.

3 Responses

  1. Bless you. Been scouring the web with just that jingle to go off of.

  2. Hey, that link is dead. For shame. I used to watch that show with my parents when I was ten and just the other day, my mom called me up and said, “Who was that guy with that show… Steven…?” I was shopping at the time, but it took all of five minutes to remember. I still know all of the words to “Who killed the king of Rock and Roll.” That show was born and dead before it’s time.

    Naturally, I assumed the show was released on dvd for sale somewhee. They are not. I scoured Youtube and found this. Why, oh why is the link dead?

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