Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me…Happy Biiiirthday!

Birthday CD #1: Testimony: Vol. 1, Life and Relationship by India.Arie
From “Private Party”
“I’m havin’ a private party/Learning how to love me/Celebrating the woman I’ve become, yeah…”

On Friday, I didn’t feel any older. Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking that I was 36 already that when my birthday actually came, it was all moot. I think I felt the same way when I turned 26–ages are beginning to blur for me. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s good or not.

Or maybe it’s because all last week, I’ve been focusing intensely on a rewrite of my short story. I actually sent it off on my birthday. Talk about a crash. After I sent it off, I didn’t want to do much of anything, so I decided not to. Did no cleaning, no errands. Just camped with Daniel in the family room and read. It was pretty nice. Not bad for a Friday the 13th.

Birthday CD #2: Dream Again by Phil Keaggy
From “Dream Again”
“Ready with a pen in hand, I’m wondering why I haven’t slept, well/I’ve had a lot on my mind and it shows, it shows…”

Because I focused so much on this short story, I haven’t done anything with Willow, which is just as well. I just finished a very important scene in the book, one that set off a lot of changes. It also had a character reveal his true nature, one that I wasn’t ready for him to reveal yet. I’m still trying to figure out how this impacts the whole storyline in general. I guess, when this rewrite request came through, it gave me a chance to set aside Willow for a bit.

Sometimes, when I get stumped on a short story, I like to put it aside for a few weeks, let it percolate a bit in the back of my mind while I work on other stuff. But this is the first time I ever stopped working on Willow. I don’t want to leave it for too long–I don’t want to lose momentum on it. But I have been thinking about it, and that’s been nice. When I dive back into it today, it will be interesting to see how the story will pick up. Maybe it will go off in a new direction. Or maybe I’ll just scrap the last chapter I wrote and start over.

Lots of stuff to consider.

Birthday CD #3: Back Numbers by Dean and Britta
From “Say Goodnight”
“I will keep my eyes open when you turn off the light/because the sparrow at night don’t mean it’s morning/and soon, everything will be alright/Say goodnight…”

“So what would you like to do for your birthday?”
“I dunno.”
“Wanna go out to dinner?”

So, just like that, my hubby and I are driving to Japan77 after dropping Daniel off at a nearby neighbor’s. We’ve never been to a Japanese steakhouse before. It’s nice, flashy, good entertainment. But I think I like the driving more, of leaning back and looking at my hubby while playing one of the CDs I got for my birthday. It feels dreamy, holding his hand, talking about when we dated. It makes for a mellow birthday, but you know what? I like mellow birthdays.

The next day, I get an email from Kaleidotrope. They want to purchase another short story of mine, “Click”. It’s a print magazine, which means that this will be the first time any of my works show up in print.

Happy birthday to me.


3 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday, friend!

  2. Glad to hear your birthday was good. I like mellow birthdays too – a day spent with people I love, doing something I enjoy.

    Also, congratulations on the sale of one of your short stories. Slowly but surely things are building up:-)

  3. Congratulations! Having a story in print is bigtime! What a great birthday present! Wish I could have given something that great to you, but not in my power. Glad your birthday was good. And remember, it’s not over yet!

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