Retreat of Silence


So last week, my hubby asked me, “Wanna go on a retreat?” I said, “What kind of retreat?” He said, “I’ve been asked to go to Cedar Camp to do some computer stuff for a couple of days. The kid can stay with relatives. You can do whatever you want. You can write. You can sleep. Whatd’ya say?”

So last Thursday, we packed the kid off to Indiana, then we took off for Michigan.


Cedar Camp is owned by InterVarsity, a Christian college group I was involved in back in the day. Cedar Camp had been the first place I traveled to on my own. It’s an 8-hour drive from Chicago to the Upper Peninsula. The first time I went, I drove in a caravan of white college students, unsure of what I’ll see. What I saw was lots of water, lots of trees, and barely anything else. I was mesmerized.


Last week was the first time my hubby and I came to the camp alone, as a couple. We also came here last year, but it didn’t count because we had Daniel with us. It had made for a pretty miserable time– thus Daniel is staying with relatives this time around. I had two full days to do whatever I want. Eat. Read. Sleep. Write. It’s a writer’s retreat in it’s purest form.


Only problem was, I couldn’t really write. Suddenly thrown from time constraints, I couldn’t concentrate so well. Oh, I did write some of the time. I managed to get a couple of Willow chapters done. But the idea that I would write constantly, from sunup to sundown didn’t happen. I needed time to rest my mind. I needed time to rest. So I did just that.


And you know what? I really enjoyed myself. It was nice to exist out of time for a while. Got some reading done. Got some sleeping done. Got to spend some time with hubby. And I got to spend some time with God. I think that was the best part.


I think the next time we go, Daniel will be ready to enjoy it. I hope so. This place is ripe for him.