When it rains, it pours…right on my head…

The month of May has been FUN for us.

In-law visits, a new roof being put in, Daniel’s birthday, Mother’s Day. Things have been pretty busy around here. So much so that I realized that I may need to curtail my writing activities. I didn’t feel completely bad about it. I knew I wanted to take a little time off from the blog, and as I mentioned in a lot of April posts, my writing for Willow had slowed. My characters had just arrived in what’s considered a plains area, so I figured they do a lot of wandering about. Nothing to get excited about. So I planned that I would work on Willow for shorter periods of time and not worry so much about it. Call it writer’s block, call it burnout, call it whatever you will. I was willing to give Willow a bit of a rest while I enjoyed time with the in-laws (and for all you cynics, yes, I do love my in-laws, thank you very much).

But then, I started the chapter off, and one of my characters realized that he was falling in love with someone. Something that wasn’t supposed to happen until the next book.


And then, before I realized it, my characters had been captured, and the love of his life carted off, and a little old lady who wasn’t supposed to show up until the next chapter chose to make her appearance right there instead.


And suddenly, I found myself writing an action scene. A powerful, spine tingling action scene, which included running, fleeing, and magic poofing everywhere, and without warning, my characters, who had been in a pleasant lull at the beginning of the chapter, were now scrambling to escape with their lives, and my main character suddenly becomes a man on me when he decides, no, he’s going to get the love of his life first…

And then I had to stop writing because it’s time to go out for dinner…

It’s actually funny in a way. What is it about writing that it stalls when you have plenty of free time to do it, like when I was up in Michigan, but when I can only writing for 15 minute periods a day, all the ideas come flying, and my fingers are itching to come to the keyboard so I can get it out before I lose it? What is up with that?

No, I shouldn’t question it. I should take advantage of it. I am nearing the end of the book, after all. In fact, now that my confidence has been restored, I’m considering dedicating June to just focusing on Willow, like what I did for NaNoWriMo in November. If I could finish this book in June, I will be incredibly happy. So let’s set a date for that. Think I can complete the book in June? I sure am gonna try.

3 Responses

  1. Good for you! Proud of you! You will have to devote a post when you do finish AND let everyone know.

    Have a wonderful week, LaShawn!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I get up roughly an hour early each morning so I have plenty of free time to write, and I spend all of it checking out blogs, playing video games, goofing off in general. My ten minute breaks at work, I’m writing like crazy, full of ideas and inspiration. (And, of course, my half hour lunch I just stare out the window trying to come up with something.) Just the way it goes, I guess.

    And I think the book changing itself on the fly is one of the greatest parts about writing. You have your perfect idea for a scene or a plot line all figured out, you start going on it, and before you know it, it’s nothing like you’d intended (and most of the time, it’s better anyways). Before I started writing, I thought it was stupid when an author would say “I really don’t know how it’s going to end.” How could you not know? Isn’t that your job? Now I understand perfectly.

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