Mental Shutdown

What a week so far! Hanging out with hubby’s relatives’ on Sunday, spending time with PopPop on Monday before taking him to the airport on Tuesday. And on Wednesday, a simple letter that I thought wouldn’t take more than an hour blossomed into taking up the entire day…and some of the night!

Granted, it’s an important letter of sorts. I’m applying for a scholarship to go to a writing workshop in July. This is one of my goals I set up for this year. One of the things they require is a writing sample and a biographical letter. You would think that writing such a letter would be a cinch: “I was born in Chicago, always wanted to write, please, please, give me the scholarship…”

But that sounds whiny, doesn’t it? That’s not good. You don’t want to present a whiny, needy persona. Well, you do want to show that you need the scholarship, but to do it in a way that doesn’t come off as whiny…not as easy as you think. The letter needed to show that I knew what I was doing, that writing isn’t some fling I’m trying for a couple of months. And it needed to have confidence, and as we all know, writers are notorious for being confident…

Surprisingly, I went online and I couldn’t find much for writing a biographical letter. The only website I found was this blog from a couple years ago. Very good information in it, if you’re writing a resume or biographical letter. I also got a lot of help from hubby, who proofed the various versions for me. After many drafts, I was able to get it the whole package to the post office yesterday.

From all that time spent focusing on the letter, I’m not surprised that on Thursday, I had what can be considered as a mental shutdown. I had planned to do some writing, but I couldn’t do it. My mind was fried. I think the past couple of weeks also chose to catch up with me too…now that I’m going back to my normal routine, my brain chose at that point to crash.

Normally, I would feel horribly guilty over not writing. After all, I wanted to use June as a time to focus solely on Willow like I did for NaNoWriMo in November and in order to do that, I need to finish a short story I’m rewriting. But you know what? May has been an extremely busy month for me. There’s a time when you just need to stop and veg a bit, recharge the mental batteries. It’s good for you and your writing, because it revs up the creativity again. Besides, yesterday, I also had a splitting headache, so I knew that I wouldn’t be up to writing par.

So I took it easy yesterday and didn’t do an ounce of writing. And here it is, Friday, June 1st. I feel much better now. I think I can tackle that short story now. If I can get it finished by tomorrow, then I’ll start work on Willow Monday.

It’s nice to be fluid with your time.

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