Song to write by (over and over and over and over…)

Stupid Geico commercial.

You know the one. The one with the caveman in the airport. The one who winces at the billboard, “So easy a caveman can do it”? Yeah. That’s the one. You know the song that’s playing in the background? It’s called “Remind Me” by Royksopp. How do I know? I had to look it up, search for it on the Net.

That damn song’s been going around and around in my head for about two weeks now. And I can’t write without it. I just can’t.

Funny thing about me writing: despite what my blogroll says, I usually don’t write to music. I can’t concentrate too well, particularly if it’s music that has really good lyrics. Oftentimes, I start to listen to the words and I get pulled out of what I’m doing. So if it’s just me in the house, or if everyone else is asleep, then I don’t listen to anything when I write.

However, if it’s during Daniel’s naptime and he happens to be conducting a baby version of “Carmen” in his crib, or if my hubby is on the phone in the next room, I found that music at that point does help me concentrate, which is pretty weird when I think about it. I think the music acts like a “wall of sound” of sorts. I don’t blast it–that will keep it too much. I keep it very, very, very low so I can have something to focus on while I concentrate on my words. And oddly enough, it works.

Then, there are those really, really weird times when a certain song catches me and won’t let go. It plays continuously in the back of my head, like a tape recorder on eternal loop. Nothing I can do can shake it out. And what’s worse, it’s there even when I’m writing. It plays in my head so much that I get exasperated and just play the stupid song out my speakers, over and over and over and over and over and over–it becomes a background to my writing.

A couple of weeks ago, around dinnertime, the Geico commercial I mentioned above came on. Catchy tune. Didn’t know what it was, but I whistled along with it, much to the great delight of Daniel, who hasn’t gotten the gist of whistling yet. (Heck, he doesn’t really know how to blow with lips–when he tries, instead of rounding his lips, he stretches them across his teeth. Made his birthday fun “No, blow like this, Daniel. Like this. Watch me…no, no…oh, he’s eating the cake anyway. Never mind.”)

By the weekend, I couldn’t get that freaking song out of my head. So I went to YouTube, because nowadays everyone goes to YouTube whenever media is involved. And I saw that there was two versions of this song, a radio edit (which is what is played on the Geico commercial) and the original, which has a wild video to it which you can catch here…not to mention that there are tons of spoofs of the Geico commercial (who know that it was so popular?) And before long, I had so completely oversaturated myself with this song, that when I sit down in front of the computer, it plays in my head, over and over and over and over and over…

Gah!!! Stupid Geico commercial.

Oh well. It’s not the first time this has happened. I just have to wait until it plays itself out, I supposed. There will be a point when I will become utterly sick of it, and it will be relegated to the writing playlist that I keep, along with other songs my brain had latched unto and shook roughly like a ball in a dog’s mouth, before it got bored and wandered off to do something else. I do have to say it is a nice way to get introduced to new music. That’s how I got my latest favorite CD from Dean and Britta–that Say Goodnight song really struck me hard enough when I first heard them on Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Maybe this will get me into Royksopp. It will be cook to have a Norwegian band in my music collection.

Of course, yesterday I took Daniel to the park. While he went down the slide, I happened to notice the brand name of the playset, done in bright, bold, friendly colors. This reminded me of the bright, bold, friendly colors of the different products in the “Remind Me” video, which then proceeded to play the song again in my head…

“And everywhere I go
There’s always something to remind me
of another place and time…”

Grrr…stupid Geico commercial…


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