Another goal checked off my list

So remember that scholarship letter that I was stressing over a couple of weeks ago? I got a response to it yesterday:

Congratulations! It is our pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as a recipient of the Jeremiah Stokely Scholarship to attend Part II of the 2007 Midwest Writers Workshop. This scholarship allows you full participation in all the functions of the workshop from the evening of July 26 through July 28…”

Well, YEEEHAAWWW! I’m going to Muncie, IN!

It truly is a nice surprise. When I first stumbled onto the website last year, I thought it looked like a good workshop to go to. It was only for three days, which works perfectly in my schedule. The classes offered looked very good, and it had a couple of Writer’s Digest folk attending it, which ups its legitimacy. I also liked the fact that there’s a pizza party on the third day and that there would be fun events like contests and such, so it looked like a good networking place. The only things I balked at was the price–$275 isn’t a lot, but it’s still no small chunk of change–and the distance. I had thought at first that Muncie was very close to the Illinois/Indiana border, but I did a Google and saw it actually was much further, closer to Indianapolis. That’s quite a hike.

But then I got to thinking. If I really want to buckle down in writing, I need to get all the learning I can get. The workshop in Muncie will answer a lot of questions I had about writing (for instance, I’m still struggling with what’s considered ‘literary’ and what’s not–and what happens if literary mashes up with fantasy? Is it still considered fantasy or is it literary? Magic Realism? Speculative? Really fancy writing with fairy frosting on top? So confusing…) Plus, it gives me a chance to meet other writers face to face. Well, okay, I do that with the writing group I’m in, but it’s always fun to meet more.

As for the drive–sheesh, in my college days, I drove from the far South Side of Chicago to Dekalb, IL every other week. I made a couple treks up to Madison, WI. And let’s not forget the annual drive up to Cedar Camp way up in Cedarville, MI, a whopping 8-hour drive. Compared to that, Muncie’s just a drive down the road. Actually, I really enjoy driving. No, seriously, I do. It’s the music that makes the driving fun. Give me a working radio/CD player and some good tunes to drive by (or if I’m in the mood, Books on CD), and the streets become an oversized roller rinks, with me and my car zooming to the groove, whether it’s zipping up and down country lanes, or crawling in city traffic (though if I’m running late, the music I listen to keeps me from giving the finger to everyone boxing me in.)

So…uh, where was I? Oh yes. The scholarship. In the end, I figured to try for the scholarship, because who knows, maybe I’ll get it, maybe I won’t. But if I didn’t try, I would definitely not get it. So I did it, and I got it. Got it? Good.

Looks like I better buckle down on Willow. I got a lot of planning to do, and when I go to the workshop, I want Willow to be on the back burner, simmering, so what I bring back from the workshop will be ready to percolate and make my book the best it can be.

Oh, and if there’s anyone else heading out to the Midwest Writer’s Workshop, I would love to hear from you! Might as well get the introductions out the way now before we get too overwhelmed with everything there.

2 Responses

  1. That’s so great! PLUS you get to have a lot of LaShawn time. I never get Chris time.

    That sounds so great–I can’t wait to read about what you did and what you attended!!

  2. Congratulations.

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