First Draft of Weeping of the Willows: DONE

It is done. Finished. Kaput. At least, for book one, that is.

I have finally finished my first book, ever. Clocking in at 462257 words. Zounds. That’s a lot of writing.

I had to look in my files to find the earliest dated draft of this book. February 9, 1994 was when I started writing this book seriously, just to see how much I could put down. I worked on it until…I think 1997, then stopped writing period for seven years. I started working on it again in late 2004, so let’s see, that meant I spent roughly six years working on this baby, eliminating the non-writing years.

Wow. No wonder I feel so tired. If you excuse me, I’m going to go to bed. Very, very early.

One more chapter left

I am already past the 444,000 word limit.

Laundry is sitting in baskets all on bedroom floor.

The boy…has not bathed…for a week.