1 Day Before Midwest Writers Workshop

Is it here already? That was fast. Seems like yesterday I got the scholarship letter. Now here I am, getting ready to go to the Midwest Writers Workshop. The travel plans have been made. All I need to do is pack and print out some stories.

I haven’t written much these past couple of weeks. I did freewrite a couple of stories and some poetry, but I haven’t been forcing myself to sit down to write. If I wanted to watch a movie with my hubby, I did. I also haven’t blogged much. It’s okay. This has been a little bit of vacation time for me. It’s been fun having some extra time in the evenings to hang out with family, to get some sleep and catch up on reading.

I’m still getting used to not working on Willow. It feels, in a way, that I have too much free time, when in fact, I don’t. It only means that I have more time to focus on short stories and poetry, as well as get ready for the Workshop.

I do plan to send updates, as the campus there has wireless and I am taking my laptop, so watch this space tomorrow and the next couple of days. I don’t have a clue of what I’m in store for, but it will definitely be interesting.


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