MWW Aftermath

That Matrix dial-tone is back.

I had promised myself not to write anything when I got home. I didn’t even want to blog. It’s not that I don’t want to talk about writing, period. It’s just that, I have a whole lot to think about. It’s like when I finish writing a story–I need to let it sit and percolate at the back of my mind for a while. I think I need to do the same thing for the conference.

My hubby, of course, is very glad to have me back. It’s good to see that he hasn’t killed the boy. And apparently, Daniel has got over his idea that once you get in the crib, you stay in the crib.

Naptimes from now on are going to be fun.


One Response

  1. When my kids turned about 2 1/2 naps ceased. This was really the case with #3 but by then I was rested.

    I saw that Daniel’s doing knock knock jokes. You will have many millions of them in the next few years and the majority of them will be senseless, if they’re like mine.

    Welcome back to the real world, LaShawn. Can’t wait to hear about the conference!

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