I wanted to post something deep and meaningful, but for the past couple of days I’ve been fighting the gift my boy gave me upon my return from the MWW. The Nyquil helps, but not all that well…you can, however, hop on over to the Writer’s Block, where you can see my latest post there.

In the meantime, here are some insects doing poetry.

Excuse me while I go back to my nest of tissues.


4 Responses

  1. That was beautiful!

  2. BTW, you’ve been tagged. ROFL

  3. Dear Cafe in the Woods,

    Thank you so much for linking my film, Insect Poetry, to your site. I’m so very happy that it is being viewed. The poems were written by my dear friend, Meme Marie Meyers.

    I directed the film when I was a producer at the Will Vinton Studios in Portland Oregon. My very talented friends helped me to bring the world of literary insects to life. I am currently working on another short animated film with poetry and animated calligraphy. I’ll keep you posted.

    Best regards,
    Marilyn Zornado

  4. Oh wonderful! Thanks for replying. I am a huge fan of both the poetry and the calligraphy within the film. I’m excited to hear you’re working on a new film. Let me know and I’ll definitely get the word out!

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