Some MWW Author Links

My last ‘official’ post about the Midwest Writer’s Workshop.

A few days ago, I wrote a post on the Writer’s Block about the need for writers to reach out to other writers for support. I thought it would be nice to post some links to some writers I met at the conference. Check them out, won’t you?

Dave Malone: a writer who is trying out a screenplay for Sundance. Has done some poetry.

Melda Beaty: Put out an anthology called “My Soul to His Spirit: Soulful Expressions from Black Daughters to their Fathers”. She’s looking to get it down as a stage play.

Rita Woods: has one book published and is working on a speculative novel that deals with
alternate worlds during slavery times.

Nickole Brown: Speaker at the conference who spoke about smaller literary publishing houses. Helped me to understand writing in dialect and literary vs. lyrical writing. She has written poetry and short stories, and has Sister: a novel in poems, coming out this fall.

Heather Sellers: Speaker who really helped me to nail down “show vs. tell”. Has a couple of writing books out, some poetry, and will be coming out with her memoir on face blindness (very interesting condition. She explains it on her website).

Dr. Dennis E. Hensley: Has written a bunch of books and articles, Christian and otherwise. He also co-writes mystery romances under the name Leslie Holden. Really helped me to wrap my mind around the whole literary genre.

Crescent Dragonwagon: Taught the Fearless Writing workshop and helped me to learn about tone through some writing exercises. She has a vegetarian cookbook out as well as several children books.

Thank you, everyone listed above and everyone who participated in the Midwest Writer’s Workshop. It was a lot of fun! If you’re a writer and live around Indiana (or even if you don’t), I urge you to check this workshop out. It was a great learning experience and I really got a lot out of it.

And if you can’t make that one, then try to make the Midwest Literary Festival in Aurora. Ah, yes, that’s coming up in October! I better get ready.