Snip, snip here. Snip, snip, there. Trimming the branches of “Willow”

I think I’m going to have to take my Willow Synopsis down.

Last week marked the first edits of Willow…well, if you don’t count the reworking of the first fifteen chapters when I got back into writing it. I officially started my editing by whacking out a supporting character’s plotline. I also started an outline of the main plot and not only saw places that I could easily cut and/or rearrange, but I found a very decent spot where I comfortably end the book.

Granted, that also means that the remaining arc of the story will have to be its own book. Which means that this will definitely not be a trilogy. More of a four book series, which is what I expected. When I first saw my massive word count, I knew there was a good chance that I would have split Willow in two. The question was how to do it so that the first book had an ending that didn’t feel forced or incomplete.

All in all, I have trimmed Willow to a word count of 260,000 words. Much, much better. It’s so much easier to handle. Granted, I’m still working on outlining, so I won’t know what will be in Willow for several weeks, but this gives me a good idea on where I’m heading. In other words, I’m putting away the chainsaw and taking out the hedgeclippers so I can trim Willow to a nice, pretty shape.

Daniel wants breakfast now. Guess that trimming will have to wait until later.


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