My first review! Sort of…and NaNoWriMo

Got this off the Kaleidotrope blog:

“Sam Tomaino of SF Revu offers a quick overview of Kaleidotrope #3, as well as some nice words…”

I hopped on over and read this:

“The October 2007 issue of Kaleidotrope is another nice one with a fine mix of stories and poems. I liked all the stories in the issue.

The issue starts off with “Click” by LaShawn M. Wanak. The story start with the narrator typing words into a keyboard, “A little girl is crying” and seeing the effect this has on the reader. More details are supplied. How long can the narrator manipulate the reader?”

He then mentions the rest of the stories and winds up with:

“Kaleidotrope is a small press magazine that deserves your support.”

Well, gosh! My first review…sort of. Granted, it’s more part of the whole, but still, it makes me feel great that I contributed to that overall nice feeling.


By the way, you probably noticed the distinct lack of NaNoWriMo at the Cafe.

Around this time last year, I had already churned at least 8500 words and having the time of my life in writing abundantly and with abandon. It was great.

A year later, I haven’t given much thought to doing NaNo at all.

It was something I knew would happen. I figured I would be waist deep in doing Willow edits that I wouldn’t have time to work on anything new. And I’m quite glad I didn’t plan to do it–right now, life is so crazy that if I had added NaNo to the mix, I would be literally tearing the locs out my hair. So this year, NaNo’s taking a back seat while I focus on edits.

Will I do it next year? Depends. Maybe Willow will be out making its rounds at agents next year. Maybe I’ll still be stuck in editing mode. Maybe I’ll totally trash Willow and write erotica instead….

Nahhh….I’m not gonna do that last bit.

I’ll wait until Willow’s done first. I do have priorities, ya know.

One Response

  1. Hey!

    Congratulations on your mention-how cool is that?

    I’m not doing NaNo either–Girl Scouts took care of that this year.

    I look foward to reading Willow after your first edit!

    If you’re going to post it for crits.

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