Game Fun: The Asylum

How would you like to play psychiatrist to a bunch of cuddly, insane toys?


The Asylum is a nice timewaster of a flash game that is sweet and a little bit sad at times, but also an interesting glimpse into the world of psychiatry. You are presented with a choice of five stuffed animals that have their own psychosis:

Lilo: a hippo who can’t quite put her puzzle pieces together
Dolly: a sheep that barks?
Kroko: a crocodile with a fear of exposure
Sly: a snake too fascinated with its own tail
Dub: a turtle that won’t stop jumping rope

After you pick a toy animal, you take it into a room where you try different ways of curing it, from dream analysis to different types of therapies. Trying to help each toy can be emotionally wearing on the poor things at times . There is a bar at the top that shows green if the toy is making progress or red if they’re regressing into a psychotic state (and there are points where you need to resort to more drastic measures to get the bar back to green again). If you need help, just click on Professional Assistance, and it will give you a psychiatric view of the next step to take.

Each toy comes with its own unique, sad story that is moving to watch. You just want to hold the toys and squeeze them after you see what they’ve been through (and you can even buy a real plush copy of the toys). I really enjoy the game, so I’m sharing it as my link of the day. Have fun!


2 Responses

  1. Very interesting. Thanks…

  2. I enjoyed administering electoshock therapy to the patients. Over and over and over… I didn’t even ask them any questions.

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