Presidential Candidate Quiz (or let’s vote the right way…by the ISSUES, dammit!!!)

Huh. A political post. Didn’t see that coming.

Looking for a method to vote in the upcoming elections but don’t know where you stand? Then check out this presidential candidate quiz published by the Washington Post, link forwarded to me courtesy of my sister-in-law.

You basically read the candidates answers to a long series of questions and pick the ones you most agree with. To make it even more interesting, the survey doesn’t reveal which candidate says what until you’re done. You are picking solely based on what sounds right to you.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that you are forced to go either democratic or republican, so you can’t see the answers across the board. But that can be easily remedied by opening the survey in two windows, one republican, the other democratic, and answering the same questions in both windows. I’ve tried it and I realized three things…

1) Man, these questions are incredibly long. Unless you just want to rattle through the quiz without considering heavily each answer, it will probably take an hour or so to do.
2) In a nutshell, nearly every single candidate says almost the same thing. Verbiage may vary.
3) Most of what the candidates say in the full answers made my eyes glaze over. If you don’t have the slightest idea of what they’re talking about, (and I suspect many, many people don’t) you’ll have to look up what their plans are, if they are feasible, what are the downsides, etc. etc. That will add another hour or so..
4) (Wait…there’s a four? Oh yes). If you unplugged your laptop by accident and it shuts down on you, when you go back to the quiz, you have to start the entire thing all over again…

See…this is why I hate election years. I have to start caring about issues that I don’t really think about the other three years because it has little bearing on my reality…

See…this is why I don’t like election years because I get all worked up about choosing the next president, and the pressure is high to chose a good one and frankly it’s all really futile because you read up on issues and they’re all the same and it’s not like the person you choose will get voted in anyway. Just look at the the current administration …

See…this is why I don’t do political posts.

Thanks a lot, Becca.


4 Responses

  1. I HATE election year. Everyone is fighting and name calling. Then then November comes and everyone’s smoochy smoochy. ugh

    My brother LOVES to talk politics and my husband loves to listen.

    I love to leave the room and go into the kitchen.

  2. Shawni, perhaps Kung-Fu elections are more for you. If the last “quiz” proved to be too challenging, this should put your mind to ease come time for you to make a decision. Lets duke it out like barbarians!

    P.S. Your Welcome.

  3. Another distasteful political toy… Hilary’s a nutcracker

  4. See, they need to combine the nutcracker Hillary with the ninja one. She will be unstoppable!

    I want stainless steel thighs!

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