“Daughters of Sarah” up at Third Order Magazine!

Yeehaw! A new story!

I’m proud of this one because this was the first short story I worked on when I started writing again after Daniel was born. Actually, ‘short’ is pretty subjective. This one’s a bit on the long side.

I got the idea for this story back when I was at Roosevelt University. One of the elective classes I took was on Women in the Bible (at a college, of all places). I did a paper on Japheth daughter, the young woman who became a sacrifice just because she was the first one to run out to meet her father. The professor was skeptical that she was actually sacrificed–chances are, she went to the Temple to serve out the rest of her life–but I was always intrigued by the part where she asks to go with her friends to grieve, and that it became a tradition for Israelite girls to go ‘weep’ for this poor unfortunate maiden.

It took many years for me to sit down and flesh the story out to what it is now. Enjoy!


New Post up at the Writer’s Block!

As you can see, though I haven’t been posting much, I have been busy. Note the new sidebar with the shortened bio.

Also, as you can see, I have decided to ease more into Internet networking by getting on Facebook. I figured I build up to Myspace. So pop by, say hi, etc., etc…

I have a new post up at the Writer’s Block, which you can access here.

Looks like things are winding down a bit on the home renovation front, so hopefully the Cafe will be getting back to semi-normal business pretty soon. Stay tuned.