A moment of silence…

I remember Cole Hall.

It was one of the first buildings I had to go to when I had my orientation there. I remember going in and being awed by the auditorium-like classroom. I remember standing outside and thinking what a pretty campus Northern Illinois University had.

That was back in ’89. I stayed at NIU for two years. I learned how to play spades, got my first serious boyfriend, discovered rock music, and learned not to mix Jolt Cola with Nyquil. I also took several classes at Cole Hall, including Earth Science. I remember sitting there in the hard seats, thinking, why am I taking an earth science class when I’m majoring in English? Who cares about rocks anyway?

I’m wondering if that was a the same thought of one of the students sitting in Cole Hall yesterday. Why am I taking an ocean science class if I’m majoring in English? Who cares about the ocean anyway?

I never graduated from NIU. I left in ’92 and wound up getting my degree from Roosevelt. That’s not the case anymore for the five students who were killed.

Pray for the students who were in Cole Hall. Pray for the families of the ones who were killed and who are still injured. Pray for the whole of Dekalb and the surrounding area who have been rocked by this tragedy. Pray that fear will not gain a stronghold. And Praise God, too, that for such a disaster, so many others were spared. Things could have been worse: much, much worse.