Little by little, it’s coming together…

Well, it’s done.

The house is sold. We’ve moved into our apartment and we’ve officially become Wisconsinites. Well, there’s still the matter of our driver’s licenses, but once we get those updated, then we’ll be Wisconsinites.

Which means that pretty soon, I won’t have any excuse to start writing again.

Actually, I’m quite proud of how I weathered writing up to now. I worked on my short story “She’s All Light” right until we had to break down my computer desk the day before we moved. Granted, I could on work on it roughly a paragraph at a time–in fact, I think for the entire month of April, I mainly focused on one scene in the story. In some ways, it’s good. I had a hard time with making the scene the way I wanted it. Focusing solely on it paragraph by paragraph helped me to shape it better. Still, I wonder if I had more time, I would have had an easier time shaping it. I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m itching to get back to working on Willow and my stories. But there’s still so much unpacking to do…putting stuff where they belong…trying to find our vacuum cleaner which got mysteriously packed up…I don’t think I’ll be able set a schedule of writing this week. If I get to it, great, if not, feh. Again, like last week and the week before, I’m not going to beat myself up for not writing.

But hey, the apartment is coming together. And once that gets organized…

Okay. Back to figuring out where I’m gonna put my clothes.


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