Writerly Rumblings

Now that my part of the Southland Tales recap for the Agony Booth is done, I can now re-focus (good grief, how many times have I done this already?) on the final edit of She’s All Light. I just want this to be over. Bleah. I’m going to write flash fiction for the next nine months after this.

While I was working and writing and grieving and juggling life, October somehow snuck up on me. I realized that next week is Madison’s Book Festival, starting next Wednesday, October 15 and ending Sunday, October 19. It will be interesting to see how this is handled, seeing that it’s more a ‘book’ festival rather than a writing festival–I wasn’t impressed with the workshops they offered at first. But going back to the website today, I saw they just announced a series of forums that discuss the art of writing and the nature books hold on people today. That looks more promising.

And speaking of websites, it appears that the one for the Midwest Literary Festival, the one held in Aurora, is down. Clicking on it just gives you a server index, with a 401 error if you click on the only folder available. The City of Aurora’s website has no mention of it either, not on the website or their fall newsletter. Which can only mean that the Festival is no more.

That’s quite a bummer, since the previous Festivals were some really good ones with some real good authors. I hope that writers in Chicago were able to find an alternate place to go (where are all the nice people at Twilight Times going to go to now?). I still hold out the hope that when I become a rich and famous author, I’d be able to go back to the festival to claim my roots.

Until then, I’ll stick with the Madison Book Festival. Oh, wait, there’s Wiscon too! Say, now that is something to look forward to. Hmm…I better get my registration in for that…