Light Reading for the Writing Mind

Well, after all the fun of the past couple of days, I’m wiped out. I’m sure the blogosphere is piled with pinings and victory speeches and declarations of death, doom and destruction. Me, I’m happy overall with the way things turned out. I’ll be doing a lot of praying for President Obama (squeee! what a neat thing to write!) and his family. Theirs will not be an easy road for the next few years.

In the meantime, here’s some light reading to get you through the next few days:

The Rose and Thorn has a hilarious feature called “An Author’s Guide to Cover Letters” by Resha Caner. Apparently, it’s a number of cover letters sent by the author trying to see which one would be good to send with his unpublished novel. I especially loved cover letter #3.

I’ve been playing around with Google Notebook and for a writer, this is an awesome tool. It’ reminds me a lot of the Writer’s Cafe scraps feature, in that you can keep copies of websites or make notes to yourself–it’s just kept online. It’s wonderful for when I’m reading a webpage that I think would be good research for my book, but if I’m not at my computer, I can post it to Google Notebook so I can open it again later. It’s also good for pulling off recipes, noting writing contests and markets, even marking blogs and/or forum posts that I want to comment on later. Very nice tool indeed. Go try it out!

On his blog, This Writer’s Life, Kevin Alexander wrote about starting a novel over after being away from it a lengthy period of time. Seeing that I was in a similar situation, I found his post pretty interesting. Check it out if you’re a writer who wants to get back into writing a novel you started writing a long time ago.

And speaking about getting back to writing, I better do so myself.


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