"Southland Tales" MegaRecap up at the Agony Booth!

I know I’m breaking my self-imposed hiatus, but I did promise to give you a goody for Christmas. Back in August, I worked with some other folks on a massive review of the movie Southland Tales, and it’s finally up at the Agony Booth! Head on over to http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Southland_Tales_2006.aspx to read it–it’s best to read it from beginning to end, but if you want to know, my section is on Page 8.

Southland Tales, directed by Richard Kelly, tells the story of the Apocalypse through…ugh, why am I even bothering? I’ll let the recap speak for itself. Keep in mind, this is the Agony Booth–in other words, lots of whimpering, swearing, cussing, weeping, violence, rants, insane babble, and the very foul use of Moby and SUVs. So keep the kids away from this one. Enjoy!


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