Back from Wiscon…processing…processing…

Well, I did it. I finally went to Wiscon.

Right now, my head is so crowded. Memories keep rising like bubbles in soda. The parties. The conversations. The panels. The sock puppets.

At some point, I will start spilling my thoughts here at the Cafe. But be warned, I got a feeling this will be a multi-post. I learned so much about things, and met so many people that I feel like I finally belong to a tribe that’s just like me. And that’s just the POC portion of it. There was also the writer parts (I finally got to have that beer with Ellen Klages), and the Christian parts…and the geek parts…and the…

Ah, see…already it’s beginning to overcrowd my head and making me poor brain go TILT TILT TILT. Let me take myself to bed and try again. But this is just a note…the Wiscon notes are coming. Bear with me.

2 Responses

  1. You got to have a beer with Ellen Klages!?

    Actually, I don’t know which part of this to be most envious of. 🙂 Glad you finally made it to Wiscon – and I’ll look forward to hearing about all those parts.

  2. You know Andy, Wiscon is right here in Madison. I think the kids would have a blast, and there are some really good panels I know you and Nicole will like. You guys gotta come next year!

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