Further Wiscon 34 Thoughts

So I had a chance to decompress after Wiscon34…

Actually, no I didn’t. A couple of days after Wiscon ended, I had a talent show at work that I was in charge of happening that Thursday, and then the next day I left for a University of Chicago Intervarsity alum reunion. The talent show went very well, and the reunion was awesome. However, all that running around and talking to people has proven to me a simple fact: I am not the extrovert I thought I was. You see, last year, we took the Meyer Briggs at work and I was slightly surprised to see that my score had changed enough so that I was no longer an introvert like I’ve been for the past ten years, but a borderline extrovert…

And I’m rambling. No good. Focus, LaShawn…

Long story short, I suffered a bit of an emotional crash and had to withdraw from the social networking world, which absolutely NEVER happens. And then I had a story deadline that was due and I realized if I wanted to get it in, I better work on it, and then before I knew it, it was Father’s day…

Focus, dammit!

Needless to say, I kept pushing off blogging my thoughts on Wiscon. I wanted to write about hanging with Nisi Shawl (who, by the way will be a Guest of Honor at Wiscon35) and meeting Mary Mohanraj and Nnedi Okaforu and finally having my beer with Ellen Klages and having breakfast with K. Tempest Bradford. I met other writers like Sarah Monette, Alex Bledsoe, Maurice Broaddus (who’s a fellow Christian writer in the horror field. A Christian Horror writer! Had a great time talking with him), and I met the editors behind Io9.com. I got my arm signed by N.K. Jemisen, briefly talked to Benjamin Rosenbaum about his story I didn’t get (but I did promise to read it online), and saw Tim Pratt, one of my favorite short story writers, but felt too t0ngue-tied and shy to go up and introduce myself .

And that was just the writing part. I wanted to blog about hanging out with a bunch of geeks who not only had the same interests as me, they even looked like me. This may have been my third conference, but this was the first time where I wasn’t the only African American woman roaming around the conference.  there were so many good panels, I wished I could invent time travel so I could turn back time and go to each panel. I mean, come on, what other science fiction conference would do a panel analyzing Janelle Monae’s Many Moons video? And the parties. THE PARTIES…

I wanted to blog all of that. But it’s too much. Just so much stuff to write that won’t fit in one blog post. And it’s not just that either. I’m not happy with my blogging schedule overall…but that’s for another post (which I probably won’t get to…)

Wiscon was great. Wiscon was awesome. I made a lot of new friends, got some great writing advice, and even almost a month after the event, I’m still feeling good. I wish I had time to write out in detail what happened, but sadly, I don’t have the time.

Oh well. There’s always Wiscon 35.


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