RIP, Roger Ebert

Back when I wrote fanfiction on the FanFiction Mailing List (FFML), I used to critique fanfics by writing "R&R Reviews", which had the characters Ranma & Ryoga from the anime Ranma 1/2 giving reviews just like Siskel & Ebert’s "Sneak Previews", but with more fighting. I even ripped the opening theme to "Sneak Previews" as a sort of homage.

That’s how iconic Ebert was–his signature style was instantly recognizable, even in anime fanfic.

I don’t write fanfiction anymore. I don’t watch movies all that much anymore either. But Roger Ebert was a great influence in my life. I appreciated his reviews. I also appreciated his written works. His writing had a wonderful, clear, humorous, deep quality to it that made nonfiction fun to read. Even when I had moved on and only kept up with him off and on through the Internet, I enjoyed his wit, charisma and insight.

So, for old times sake:

(The familiar whistling music from the tv show ‘Sneak Previews’ begins to
play. Ranma is seen coming out of the Tendo Dojo and casually walking up
the street. Next, Ryoga crawls out of a tent, stretches, stuffs everything
into his backpack, and begins walking. Ranma is seen buying rice balls from a
stand. Ryoga is still walking on the street. Ranma walks in front of a
theater and looks about. Ryoga is looking bewildered as he stands in the
middle of a forest. Ranma looks at his watch and frowns. Ryoga is talking
to an eskimo who points in one direction, and Ryoga begins walking the
opposite way. Ranma shrugs, goes into the theater, runs up the stairs, and
takes his seat in the balcony. Cut to the theater’s front again. Ranma
begins eating his rice balls. Suddenly the wall caves in and Ryoga emerges,
looking pissed. Ranma begins shouting at Ryoga, who shouts back. They get
into a fight and fall over the balcony, and the camera pans away to the movie screen, which displays the words: R&R REVIEWS.)

(The lights go off except for a spotlight, highlighting LaShawn, standing on the balcony.)

LS: Mr. Ebert, thank you. Your words and reviews will remain, but you will be sorely missed.

(LaShawn leaves the balcony. The spotlight shines on the empty balcony for a period of time.)

(Then it shuts off.)


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