GenCon Writer’s Symposium Schedule

Originally around this time, I’d be in Indianapolis right now attending GenCon. While that’s no longer the case, I’m still attending GenCon’s Writer’s Symposium…just virtually!

Links to the panels I’m on are listed below in the title. The panels are pre-recorded, so the YouTube links do not become live until the time listed in the schedule. Also, please go to GenCon and acquire a ticket for the panel. They’re’ unlimited and FREE!

Putting All the Pieces Together in Worldbuilding: Saturday 3:00 PM EDT 
Tickets available here:

You have a place, a political system, cultures. But how can it all fit together in a way that is fresh and believable? Daniel Myers, Gregory Wilson, LaShawn Wanak, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Anton Strout

The Editor-Author Relationship: Sunday 12:00 PM EDT
Tickets available here:

An editor can be an author’s best friend. How can you stay on their good side, and what are tips if there are disagreements? Tom Hoeler, Jim Lowder, LaShawn Wanak, Gabrielle Harbowy, Elizabeth Vaughan 


JulyCon, GenCon and a New Interactive Story

A couple of quick updates:


First. JulyCon is happening this Saturday, July 18 on Twitch. Greg Wilson has gathered a lovely collection of writers and editors to discuss writing and gaming on his Twitch channel. Since it’s only a one-day event, I’ll post the full schedule here. All times are Eastern.

  • Noon: Worldbuilding with Depth: E.D.E. Bell, Michael Underwood, Gregory A. Wilson, C.S.E. Cooney, Marie Bilodeau, Tracy Chowdhury, Iori Kusano, LaShawn M. Wanak
  • 1:00: Working with a Small Press: Lucy A. Snyder, Chris A. Jackson, C.S.E. Cooney, Marie Bilodeau, Chris Bell, LaShawn M. Wanak
  • 2:00: Narrative in Different Mediums: Toiya Kristen Finley, Jennifer Brozek, Daniel Myers, Gregory A. Wilson, Carlos Hernandez
  • 3:00: Running Productive Critique Groups: Sarah Hans, Lucy A. Snyder, Iori Kusano, Aaron Rosenberg, Brandon O’Brien
  • 4:00: Game Tie-in Writing: Sarah Hans, Jennifer Brozek, Chris A. Jackson, Tracy Chowdhury, Gregory A. Wilson, Aaron Rosenberg, Brandon O’Brien
  • 5:00: Intro to Publishing: Toiya Kristen Finley, E.D.E. Bell, Michael Underwood, Carlos Hernandez, Chris Bell
  • 8:00: D&D with an amazing cast!

Second, I’m also going to be participating in GenCon Online Writers Symposium July 30 through August 2. Like most cons these days, the conference will be virtual and FREE! GenCon is still putting together their schedule, so once I get it, I’ll update it here once it’s finalized.


And finally NEW STORY ALERT!!! I am proud to announce my very first INTERACTIVE STORY (and my first romance as well)! “Dark Hunger Blue” follows Jayla, a scientist with a novel way to bring food to her barren asteroid home, who must decide if she should work with her former lover Sampson, who is now a bioship. Learn more at Sana’s website, download the app, and begin reading today!