GenCon Writer’s Symposium Schedule

Originally around this time, I’d be in Indianapolis right now attending GenCon. While that’s no longer the case, I’m still attending GenCon’s Writer’s Symposium…just virtually!

Links to the panels I’m on are listed below in the title. The panels are pre-recorded, so the YouTube links do not become live until the time listed in the schedule. Also, please go to GenCon and acquire a ticket for the panel. They’re’ unlimited and FREE!

Putting All the Pieces Together in Worldbuilding: Saturday 3:00 PM EDT 
Tickets available here:

You have a place, a political system, cultures. But how can it all fit together in a way that is fresh and believable? Daniel Myers, Gregory Wilson, LaShawn Wanak, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Anton Strout

The Editor-Author Relationship: Sunday 12:00 PM EDT
Tickets available here:

An editor can be an author’s best friend. How can you stay on their good side, and what are tips if there are disagreements? Tom Hoeler, Jim Lowder, LaShawn Wanak, Gabrielle Harbowy, Elizabeth Vaughan 


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