Fall Updates

I noticed that I’m getting new readers to this blog, so thought I do a quick update of things I’m doing right now. Think of this as sort of a newsletter type of thingie.

This Saturday, I’ll have a virtual booth at VirtuousCon, an online happening from 1pm to 4pm EST (12pm to 3pm for Central folk). It’s set up just like a con with tables you can visit, just like in real life. Most likely I’ll be hanging out, but I also plan to do a short reading around 2:45pm EST (1:45pm CST). Haven’t decided on what I’ll read yet, but I love to have people to stop by (virtually) and say hi! Registration is free! Sign up for your free registration.

October 16 – 18, I’ll be attending FIYAHCON. No panels or offices hours for me this time around, but I’ll be hanging about whatever social media venues they’ll have open. I’ll also be attending the World Fantasy Virtual Convention October 29 through November 1. Again, no panels or kaffeklatches, but you can find me in whatever discussion rooms they’ll have. UPDATE: After reading the open letter to the WFC concom from Miyuki Jane Pinckard and some discussion with other folks, I have decided to not attend WFC.

Why am I mostly low key this month? Mainly because my time nowadays is taken up by a SUPER SECRET PROJECT I’m working on, but can’t discuss yet. 😁 This is the first time I’m participating in one of these projects, but I promise to give more details when I’m allowed to do so. No, it’s not the novel. Last month, I finished the agent edits to my novel. Hopefully, that would be enough to start the submission process.

Finally, there’s a Kickstarter for a new anthology edited by Maurice Broaddus called In This Moment: Global Justice Anthology. It’s going to have stories, expressions and poetry of protest and resilience from writers such as Linda Addison, Khaalidah Muhammad-Ali, Brandon O’Brien, Zig Zag Claybourne, Cat Rambo, Toiya Kristen Finley, and hey, Yours Truly. There’s also going to be a open submissions period if the book gets funded. So go check out the Kickstarter and order a book today!


GenCon Writer’s Symposium Schedule

Originally around this time, I’d be in Indianapolis right now attending GenCon. While that’s no longer the case, I’m still attending GenCon’s Writer’s Symposium…just virtually!

Links to the panels I’m on are listed below in the title. The panels are pre-recorded, so the YouTube links do not become live until the time listed in the schedule. Also, please go to GenCon and acquire a ticket for the panel. They’re’ unlimited and FREE!

Putting All the Pieces Together in Worldbuilding: Saturday 3:00 PM EDT 
Tickets available here: https://www.gencon.com/events/189424

You have a place, a political system, cultures. But how can it all fit together in a way that is fresh and believable? Daniel Myers, Gregory Wilson, LaShawn Wanak, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Anton Strout

The Editor-Author Relationship: Sunday 12:00 PM EDT
Tickets available here: https://www.gencon.com/events/189426

An editor can be an author’s best friend. How can you stay on their good side, and what are tips if there are disagreements? Tom Hoeler, Jim Lowder, LaShawn Wanak, Gabrielle Harbowy, Elizabeth Vaughan 

LaShawn’s ConFusion Schedule

I’ll be at ConFusion 2020 next week in Detroit! I’m even doing things. Here’s my schedule:

Finance for Career Fiction Writers

Day: Friday Time: 12:00 p.m. Room: Manitou

The finances of freelancing come with a steep learning curve, and fiction writing is no exception. Our panel of veteran fiction freelancers talk about managing the up-and-down nature of freelance income, making long-term financial plans without a consistent paycheck, and how to put advances to work so that they support you and your career for the long term

Panelists: LaShawn M. Wanak (M), David Mack


Day: Saturday Time: 12:00.pm. Room: Leelanaw

I’ll be reading an excerpt from “Sister Rosetta Tharpe and Memphis Minnie Sing the Stumps Down Good”.

Panelists: LaShawn M. Wanak, Jordan Kurella

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Day: Saturday Time: 06:00 p.m. Room: Keweenaw

Our panel of writers discusses the structure, pacing, characters, themes, and world-building in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and how it fits in as the capstone of the Star Wars Saga.

Panelists: Annalee Flower Horne (M), LaShawn M. Wanak, Jordan Kurella

(Guess that means I need to watch the movie ha ha ha oh crud when will I find the time–)

If you see me, say hi! If I’m in the common areas, I’d love to chat. If I’m not, that means I’m introverting, at which case, I’ll see you when I’m done.