“The Danger of the False Narrative” up on Jim Hines Blog

Jim Hines has been running a series of guest blog posts on Representation in SF/F. And oh, hey, look at that, here’s my contribution on black representation, “The Danger of the False Narrative“. Check it out, and definitely check out the other essays on there too.

Oo, short post. I should do this more often.

ETA: Oh, and I updated the nonfiction section of my “LaShawn’s Works” page to include links to this and other guest blog posts I’ve done. Because, yeah, I did those things. Also I suck at updating things.

ETAA: Well, no, I don’t suck. I just forget and…crap…this was supposed to be a short post. Never mind. Forget this. You’re not reading this. YOUUUUUU ARE NOT READING THISS…..

::performs handwavy gestures::

::runs off::


Rats…I do sound like a white girl…

Hey, you wanna hear what my voice sounds like? Head on over to the I Should Be Writing website and download episode #81. In it, Mur plays my voice mail asking for advice for writing when you have little time to do it.

If you’re an inspiring writer, or even just thinking about writing, I highly suggest Mur’s podcast. She offers some great tips for beginning writers, and for those of us with a little more experience, she gives motivational talks and interviews with other writers in the same boat. She is also very knowledgeable about podcasting books, if you want to go through that route.

So go check it out!


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